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New Douglass Park Shelter

Two projects approved for funding in 2020 elections — the Douglass Park Shelter and Oak Park Basketball Court — are targeted for construction this summer, said Siemers. The Douglass Park Shelter, approved by voters in the 2020 General Obligation Bond Election, and Oak Park Basketball Court, approved in the 2020 Half-cent Capital Improvement Project Sales Tax Election, are still in the planning stages, he said. “Our department currently has a fairly heavy workload of capital projects and we’re trying to work in design on these projects with in-house resources,” Siemers said. “Our goal is to have plans ready sometime this […]

Enter the Douglassaires’ raffle for a 55″ TV!

$20 to enter. Email the Douglassaires at douglassaires1907@gmail.com, or talk to one of the board members. Drawing: Feb. 14, 2023 Winner can be anywhere in the U.S. as the TV will be shipped. The raffle benefits homecoming planning as they are gearing up for the Douglassaires & Friends 2023 Reunion “Bring It Back Home” Jul 20– Jul 23, 2023Event Locations Include: Douglass Park, Westside Community Center, Hilton Garden Inn (Host Hotel) and others. Activities for All Ages – Open to the Community. For more info visit the Douglassaires new website at douglassaires1907.com.